Pure Water Dispensers Pte Ltd

Pure Water Dispensers Pte Ltd is dedicated to providing high quality direct pipe-in water dispensing and filtration products and services.

Our team of professionals have been carefully assembled to assist you in not only choosing the right unit, but also in providing personalised consultation and aftersales service.

We do sales, service and rental of Water Dispensers, Boilers and Coolers.

Our Service and Maintenance team is committed to attend to your problems within 1 working day.

We Provide

Water Dispensers

Water Boilers

Water Coolers

at affordable prices and valuable products to market.

Expert Advice

Our friendly sales consultant will be able to advise you according to your needs.

Affordable Price

Our purification systems are of high quality and affordable price.

After Sales Service

Our team will attend to you within 1 working day upon receiving your enquiry or request for service.

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