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A direct pipe-in, high capacity, hot and cold water dispenser from Pure Water Dispensers Pte Ltd, fitted with a 4-stage ultrafiltration system for a clean, crisp source of water for your everyday use.


Product Features:

Large tank size

Safety child lock (Prevent accidents with children)

S304 Stainless Steel Tank (Anti-Bacterial)


Tax Included
Colour: Black
  • Specifications:-

    C/w    : 4-Stage Filtration System
    Manufacturer: Made in Korea
    PW2100T Dimension (mm): 340(W) x 395(D) x 625(H)

    PW2100F Dimension (mm): 340(W) x 395(D) x 1220(H)

    Power Consumption: Hot 450W / Cold 100W
    Hot Water Temperature: 70°C - 90°C
    Hot Tank Capacity: 2L
    Cold Water Temperature: 4°C - 12°C
    Cold Tank Capacity: 7.2L
    Voltage: 220V/60Hz
    Warranty: 1 Year

  • Delivery and Install In 3 Working Days

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