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Water Bottle Self-Filling Station – Touchless Sensor & UV 

Introducing the PW-RUV, a touchless ambient water dispenser with built-in infrared sensor. Simply put your bottle near the sensor, water will be dispensed automatically without touching any surface of the dispenser. This intelligent water dispenser is also equipped with upgraded ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system that effectively get rid of bacteria and viruses so you can have a peace of mind.
PW-RUV is designed to promote the idea of eco-friendliness by encouraging users to bring reusable bottles.


• Touchless infrared sensor-activated dispenser

• Avoid cross infection caused by bacteria or viral transmission

• Upgraded to UV Sterilization System

• Wall-mounted: free up space

• Provide warm water

• Able to connect with Pentair Everpure water filtration systems



Tax Included
Colour: Silver
  • Installation Options: Drainage / Tray


    • C/w : 1-Stage High Capacity Filter (Up to 18,000L) Remove dirt, particles and cyst. Chlorine reduction, taste & odor removal, efficiency to reduce pesticides and hazardous chemicals.
    • Manufacturer: Made in Taiwan
    • Dimension (mm) (Wall Mounted): 410(L) x 125(W) x 670(H)
    • Dimension (mm) (Floorstand): 410(L) x 125(W) x 1240(H)
    • Ambient Water: Unlimited
    • Dispensing Gap: 315(H)
    • Voltage/Current: 220V, 50Hz
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Delivery and Install In 4 Weeks


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