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With an ultra-slim curved design, illum will fit into any home for a clean, modern and luxurious look. Conveniently fitted with hot, cold and ambient water. You can now enjoy great tasting water. Everyday.


Price includes:

  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • FREE Delivery and Installation
  • FREE 1 Set of 4 Stage Ultrafiltration 

Illum UV Water Dispenser

Tax Included
  • C/w : 4-Stage Filtration System
    Manufacturer: Made in Korea
    Dimension (mm): 230(L) x 520(W) x 510(H)
    Hot Water Temperature: 85°c - 95°c
    Hot Tank Capacity: 1.4L
    Cold Water Temperature: 4°c - 10°c
    Cold Tank Capacity: 2.85L
    Ambient Water Capacity: Unlimited

    Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
    Warranty: 1 Year


    Product Features:
    - Safety Tap Lock
    - 304 Stainless Steel Tank (Anti-Bacterial)
    - Built-in UV tank sterilization

    - Full touch panel

    - Magnetic push button
    - Hidden hygiene guard prevents bacteria growth on faucet

  • Delivery and Install In 3-5 Working Days

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