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A state of the art direct pipe-in, hot water boiler designed to attend to high hot water requirements. A built in timer monitors usage and goes to sleep when not in use to conserve power.


Extremely durable boiler that can last for years! Widely used in places with high demand for hot water.


Product Features:          

  • MCU Control System with LCD Display
  • Sleep mode for power conservation
  • Quintuple Protection Technology
  • Automatic Alarm System


Tax Included
Colour: White
  • Specifications:-

    C/w    : 4-Stage Filtration System
    Manufacturer: Made in China (Japan Patent Technology)
    Dimension (mm): 540(L) x 190(W) x 568(H)
    Hot Water Temperature: 100°C 
    Hot Tank Capacity: 30L
    Ambient Water: Unlimited
    Heating Power: 3kW
    Warranty: 1 Year

    Product Features:
    - 304 Stainless Steel Tank (Anti-Bacterial)
    - Powder Coated Housing (Rust Prevention)
    - Energy saving with in-built timer

  • Delivery and Install In 3 Working Days

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