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Benefits Of Having A Water Dispenser In Office

A water dispenser doesn't seem like a thing that will affect the working environment of your office but think again. How can a dehydrated employee work efficiently? Such minor things may not seem important, but this help to keep your employees healthy and alert throughout the day.

You can imagine the importance of water drinking that some governments like the UK have made it essential to keep a water dispenser in every office. Here are some reasons and benefits of having a water dispenser in office.

Health Benefits

According to a survey by British Safety Council, around 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in 2018. Drinking clean water keeps employees hydrated and gives them a chance to get up and stretch their legs, and have a chat, reducing stress. Apart from this, drinking water prevents dehydration and nasty illness.

Productivity Boost

We all are aware of and have surely experienced that no one can remain productive and alert for continuous 8 hours of work. On top of that, dehydration not only diverts your focus because of a headache it also increases your heart rate and temperature. According to NHS, we should drink at least 6-8 glasses every day. Instead of drinking cold drinks, drinking a glass of healthy water can do wonders in staying focused and increasing productivity.

Saves Money

Having a water dispenser in your office not only saves your employees money from buying filtered water bottles on their way to the office but also increases their loyalty to your company. It may not seem a considerable expense but seeing a company taking care of their essential needs increases their loyalty and dedication towards the company. So, it's not a bad idea to spend some money while giving health benefits to your employees and getting loyalty in return.

Space Efficient

These days, offices having little breakout spaces limits the equipment in the office to make space for furniture—no need to scratch your head about the space to keep the water dispenser in your office. A water dispenser in office takes a very little space and easily fits in even in a little space in your small kitchen office, also making your office neater at the same time.

Low Cost Of Maintainance and Cleaning

Though it involves only one touch button, it also needs maintenance and cleaning from time to time to keep it working and prevent bacterial contamination. Water filters installed in them are easier to change and need replacing after six months, making them cost-efficient. A disinfectant cleaning spray removes the threat of any kind of bacterial infection.


Drinking water has an immensely positive effect on the human body preventing dehydrating headaches and illness. It has also been proven to help increase a person's focus and productivity. Having a water dispenser in office improves the health of your employees while being space and cost-efficient at the same time.

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