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Why You Need To Service Your Water Dispenser

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Whether it is a water dispenser at your home or your office, it gets contaminated daily, as many people at the premises use it without any hygiene precautions. So its primary function of providing clean and healthy is being compromised.

In addition to human contact, various other reasons things can impact it and compromise the health of people drinking from it. Today, we will look at all these factors which usually affect the cleanliness of dispensers and also the reason why you need to service your water dispenser.

Factors Affecting The Cleanliness Of Your Dispenser

All the water dispensers are susceptible to environmental factors, thus compromising drinking water quality. Let's have a look at them one by one.


In the mechanism of producing cool or ambient water, water dispensers generate heat that leads to humidity in the inner components of dispensers which in turn impacts water quality. That's why you need to clean your dispenser's interior and exterior from time to time.

Human Contact

Not everyone using the water cooler has the same levels of hygiene care leading to contamination of the tap button. Taking care of cleanliness during these should be your utmost priority.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Water Dispenser

In order to ensure clean water from the water, you need to consider all the outer and inner components of dispensers that may need cleaning immediately or after some time.

As long as the exterior is concerned, which is usually the most contaminated part as it comes in direct contact with all the people using the cooler, you can simply clean it by wiping it down. Also, the stagnant water in the tray is a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes. Remember to empty and clean it regularly to stop them from growing.

The water filter in the dispenser doesn't last the whole life of the dispenser. We recommend changing it every six months so that there is no risk of contamination. Still, it would be best to get the deep cleaning done after almost a year for thorough inside and outside cleaning of your dispenser.


A lot of factors affect the quality of water by contaminating either the inside or outside of water dispensers. It impacts the quality of water from the dispenser, making you paranoid about your health and hygiene. Regular wiping down of your dispenser on the outside and the filter change after every six months are the two things that need to be done to ensure safe and healthy water on the premises.

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