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Direct Pipe-In Or Bottled Water Dispenser: Reasons To Make The Switch To A Bottleless Water Purifier

Two of the most common ways to get water from a water dispenser are direct piping and water dispenser. Both have pros and cons, but there is no discussion on which one is better, as the direct pipe in the water dispenser is miles ahead of the bottled system.

Bottled water dispensers are a hassle in addition to an increased carbon footprint by an increased number of water bottles that are rarely recycled. Today, our main topic will be the benefits of the direct piping system and why you should switch to a bottle-less water purifier.

No Need To Order Water Bottles

Whether you have a water dispenser in your home or office, it becomes quite a headache when you regularly have to remember to order water bottles and change the load. In contrast, a pipe-in water dispenser is free of all this hassle as, once set up, this system doesn't require regular ordering of water bottles.

Contamination Free Water

Manual handling of water bottles by the delivery staff and then by another person while changing the load surely contaminate the water to some extent. This way, you unknowingly consume contaminated water instead of drinking healthy and clean water from the water dispenser. Better to use a direct pipe in the water dispenser for your health and well-being.

Cost Effectiveness

Buying water bottles regularly for the dispenser puts a considerable burden on your pocket, especially in this era of inflation. On the other side, you just need to attach your dispenser to a nearby water system, and there are further expenses. Anyone would prefer less expensive healthy water for which he doesn't have to cut a huge part of his salary.

Less Waste

Besides the hassle of constantly ordering and changing loads, the bottled water dispenser also produces waste thanks to discarded bottles. Plastic waste, one of the top reasons for climate change, should be reduced by everyone as much as possible. By shifting to bottle-less water dispensers, you are also playing your part in the betterment of the whole world.

Availability Of More Space

Whether it is a dispenser in your office or home, empty or full, bottles will always occupy space. The direct pipe in water dispenser saves you from the sight of the unwanted bottles present everywhere.


Being worried about the availability of water bottles, persons to change these bottles and getting rid of empty bottles all this can be saved just by installing a direct pipe-in system. The convenience offered by direct piping should top all the reasons for moving to a bottle-less water dispenser.


A direct pipe in water dispenser saves you from the hassle of ordering water bottles, swapping them, and then getting rid of empty bottles. In addition, by shifting to a direct piping system, you are playing your part in reducing the carbon footprint.

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