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Health Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We are made up of almost 70% water, making it the most abundant component of our body. We all need water in addition to other essential foods to keep our bodies going. Just drinking water surely fulfills your body water needs, but it is not enough as drinking simple tap water has the chance of posing severe health risks.

Nowadays, filtering tap water has become much easier thanks to the filters that you can easily install. This article will look at the benefits of drinking filtered water.

Contaminant Free

Simple tap water, besides containing bacteria, also has heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, and mercury. These are known to be carcinogenic elements and responsible for causing cancer. By exposing yourself to these chemicals, you risk your health big times.

The most common of these diseases caused by contaminated water is diarrhea, and according to WHO, 485000 people die yearly because of diarrhea. Filtering tap water removes 99% of these chemicals, thus preventing toxic overload in your body and preventing your body from the harmful effects of these chemicals.

Better Mineral Absorption

While you drink contaminated water, your body's cells work to get rid of harmful substances while compensating for the absorption of vital components in your body. Not absorbing these vital elements affects the body's health in the long term. Consider using filtered for better health because of the absorption of minerals and other vital components, as these aid in better body metabolic processes.

Better Skin, Hair, And Nails

Water containing chemicals like chlorine devoid your skin and hair of their natural oils causing them to look rusty and dry. While drinking filtered water provides your skin with its natural glow without using any expensive cosmetic products. If you are somehow able to shower with filtered, it will do wonders for your hair and nails.


Bottled filter water is one of the most common ways to consume filtered water, but this surely isn't cost-effective. In contrast to this, filtering tap water using a filter does the same task but is less expensive.

Eco Friendly

Using filtered water mineral bottles is not only expensive but also produces a lot of waste which we can't afford which we as humans can't afford because of climate change. Although these are recyclable, very few of these bottles are recycled, causing an immense increase in waste on a daily basis. Using a filter on tap water is pollution-free while being cost-effective.

Reducing Body Weight

According to research by NCBI, people who drink 500ml of filtered water just before a meal have 44% lower calorie intake than those who don't drink water. Various studies have proved the effect of water in reducing appetite.


In conclusion, drinking filtered water is not only beneficial for your health as it is free of chemicals but also cost-effective and eco-friendly. Regarding your health, it helps reduce body health, better skin, and prevent cancer.

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