Bottled water dispensers vs Direct pipe-in dispensers

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Coming back to our topic of the week, today, we will be discussing the differences, pros and cons between direct pipe-in water dispensers and bottled water dispensers. As a company, we have decided to only sell direct pipe-in dispensers. We'll let you know why in a few moments. Or rather sentences.

Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water is typically filtered water. It's true(and sad) that advertising campaigns give the perception that it comes from some pristine mountain spring or secret underground reservoir. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Myth. Busted.

Now that we know that, let's dive right in.


1. Since the water in bottled water is already filtered, the dispenser does not need to do any extra filtering. This means bottled water dispensers actually require very little maintenance.

2. Bottled water dispensers, like their direct pipe-in counterparts, usually come with the option to heat and cool water.

3. Bottled water dispensers can be placed at any spot deemed convenient. There is not piping needed. Just power. Hence just a plug point is required.


1. This is rather obvious, but we're going to say it anyway. For a bottled dispenser to work, it requires bottles of water. They usually come in 3 and 5 gallon bottles. Picking them up, replacing them and storing them are especially important aspects to consider when opting for a bottled water dispenser.

2. The cost of having a bottled water service may be inconvenient. Typically one ounce water from a 5 gallon bottle costs $0.01 while one ounce from your tap costs $0.00003! In other words, 1 GALLON of tap water costs less than one OUNCE of water from a bottle!

3. Water is bottled in plastic bottles and plastic greatly contributes to environmental damage. We all want to do our part for the environment don't we?

Direct Pipe-in Dispensers

Direct pipe-in or Point of use (POU) water dispensers are similar to bottled dispensers except they do not use bottles. They tap in to water directly from the pipeline, filter and dispense them for us to drink.


1. You don't have to switch out bottles and you'll always have constant access to water. Unless of course, you don't pay your bills. Bills are important.

2. POU water dispensers have filters that help make water smell, look and taste better than regular tap water or any bottled water for that matter. To know exactly what filters do, please read our previous post on them!

3. There is no need for the constant purchasing and storage of bottled water. You do have to keep the filters maintained, but this is much cheaper in the long run!

4. POU dispensers are of course, the more environmentally friendly option.


1. Neglecting to maintain the filters will eventually cause the water you drink to turn unclean. Hence POU dispensers require maintenance to function properly.

2. POU water dispensers are typically more costly upfront. If you're looking for a long term investment, that's when POU dispensers shine. If you're looking for a short-term option you might consider renting a POU dispenser. Incidentally we do provide this service. Ahem..

3. Placement of POU dispensers depends on where the water supply is and how piping can be done. This is unlike bottled dispensers which can be placed anywhere.


We do hope this has helped you pick your dispenser! Please share if you found this useful. It might help others out too! Until the next time.

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